Jean-Noël Rivasseau

CEO and Lead Developer at Kameleoon. Expert Java / UNIX / Open-Source software engineer.

Research and Thesis Courses taken Teaching responsabilities

My Graduate Computer Science Courses at UBC

Fall 2003:

Course [link to Web Page] Instructor
- CPSC 505: Image Understanding I: Image Analysis Bob Woodham
- CPSC 540: Machine-Learning Nando de Freitas
- CPSC 590: Research Methods in Computer Science Michiel van de Panne

Spring 2004:

Course [link to Web Page] Instructor
- CPSC 503: Computational Linguistics Giuseppe Carenini
- CPSC 522: Artificial Intelligence II: Reasoning and Acting under Uncertainty David Poole
- CPSC 532A: Multiagent Systems Kevin Leyton-Brown
Some comments: Of these six courses, my favourite overall was Machine-Learning with Nando (which became my supervisor). That's probably why I took 3 AI oriented courses in the next term, but I now think I should have taken one graphic or network class, as these areas also interest me.
I am now done with required courses work, and I am mainly focusing on my research and writing my thesis at the current time. I however try to attend reading groups (related to machine-learning or statistics), and I recommend any student at UBC CS to do the same. It is a great way to read and discuss papers together with your supervisor and other students.